Island Sunrise Adventure Tour

Appx. 3 hrs • Rise & shine early, for cooler temps & breathing taking views at Sunrise

Kayak the most beautiful places in North Myrtle Beach.
J & L Kayaking is the original kayak experience in North Myrtle Beach. We have cultured every detail of kayaking in this area to fit the beginner up to the experienced paddler. J & L Kayaking was the first kayak experience in the Cherry grove area and started over eight years ago. Our experience of providing eco-tourism by kayak and paddleboard is unmatched. Our guides are very knowledgeable of the area and wildlife you will likely encounter during our tours. Since our beginning, eight years ago, we have grown to be the #1 ranked kayak eco-tourism in the area. Throughout our history we have always made sure to maintain our "Mom & Pop" atmosphere and show each of our guest the individual attention they deserve. Take a tour with us and kayak in places only J & L kayaking can provide. Listen as your guide shares their knowledge with you about our area. We look forward to having you join us on a kayak adventure soon.
-Justin & Laurie

WS Tarpon - $50.00 + tax
*Max Paddler Weight 275lbs* • Includes 1 Person • 12' Premium Kayak • Guest over 12 years of age

WS Pungo - $50.00 + tax
*Max Paddler Weight 325lbs* • Includes 1 Person • 12' Premium Kayak • Guest over 12 years of age

Tribe Tandem - $90.00 + tax
Includes 2 people • 13.5' Perception Kayak • 500lbs Max Weight

Waking up extra early can have its rewards.

Tour length: Appx. 3 hrs


That's right! Believe it or not, we offer sunrise tours. Waking up extra early can have its rewards. Join us on this tour and you will feel the freedom of the water at its calmest. Enjoy a relaxing paddle as you head out towards beautiful Waties Island. This tour launches just before sunrise so that we make sure we have time to get you out before hand so you can watch the sky unveil itself in a canvas of colors just before the sun emerges. Cherry Grove beach is known for its colorful array of oranges, purples, pinks, and reds that illuminates the sky with the added bonus of a perfect reflection off the calm morning waters. Really, we recommend that you set your alarm clock, grab a cup of java, and come on out. This is a tour well worth the sacrifices!

Booking Notes

Recommended Items to Bring for your Adventure:

Footwear you don't mind getting wet
Extra Water
Bug Spray

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