1-Hour Slingshot Rental

Drivers must be 25+ • Up to 2 people! • Automatic Transmission!

1-Hour Rental - $99.00 + tax
Passengers must be ages 5+

Enjoy the ride!


Come explore Myrtle Beach in style with the latest and greatest Polaris Slingshot. The most fun way to hit the streets!
- 2 Person Capacity

What to Bring

  • Driver's license (drivers must be 25 years old or older)
  • Card you booked with
  • A pair of sunglasses


  • Comes with full tank of gas. Must fill tank back up before returning (premium gas only).
  • Slingshots are NOT allowed on any beaches or off-road surfaces. Please stay away from the sand.
  • Unlimited miles.
  • Driving boundaries - Horry County
  • All slingshots have GPS trackers and engine disablers.
  • Minimum age for a passenger is 5 years old.
  • All slingshots have 2 storage compartments and a glove box.
  • All slingshots have Bluetooth/radio and back up camera.
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