Sound Tracks of Soul Show

All Ages • 2 Hours • Enjoy an Evening of Soulful Entertainment!

VIP Platinum - $46.95 + tax
All ages • Barrel chairs & cocktail table - reserved seating (Sorry - The Chair Limit is 300 pounds) NO DISCOUNTS FOR VIP

Gold Adult - $42.95 + tax
Ages 15 and up • Plush Blue Banquet chairs & cocktail table. Reserved seating

Gold Child - $14.95 + tax
Ages 3-14 • Plush Blue Banquet chairs & cocktail table. Reserved seating

Bronze Adult - $39.95 + tax
Ages 15 and up • Black Banquet Chairs ONLY. Seated in order of arrival (Last 1/4 of theatre)

Bronze Child - $14.95 + tax
Ages 3-14 • Black Banquet Chairs ONLY. Seated in order of arrival (Last 1/4 of theatre)

Red Adult - $39.95 + tax
Ages 15 and up • Plush Red Banquet Chairs, No Table, Reserved Seating

Red Child - $14.95 + tax
Ages 3-14 • Plush Red Banquet Chairs, No Table, Reserved Seating

Infant - $0.00 + tax
0-2 years old

Sound Tracks Of Soul!


2 hours


Join us on a journey through the history of Soul. is a gospel-influenced African American popular music style that evolved out of rhythm and blues in urban areas beginning in the late 1950s. Its passionate vocalizing, powerful rhythms, and honest lyrics spoke directly to a generation of young African Americans. Soul became popular as a distinctive style during the 1960s and peaked in popularity in the mid-1970s

This incredible cast will feature musical hits from Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Ike & Tina Turner, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Solomon Burke, Eddie Floyd, Wilson Pickett, James Brown and more

Booking Notes


DRESS CODE: Casual Dress is fine as you are on vacation. However, at our Motown Show people tend to dress up with Business Casual or Better.
WHAT DOES GTS STAND FOR? GATSBY - The theatre décor is Art Deco.
I HAVE FREINDS JOINING ME ARE WE SEATED TOGETHER? If you have not booked your tickets together please do not expect to sit together. The computer system has no idea who your friends are, nor does our staff. If you have made the notation on your reservation we will do our best to seat you together but it is always not guaranteed.
WHAT HAPPENS IF THERE IS A HURRICANE or TROPICAL STORM WARNING? If there is an WARNING or EVACUATION ORDER in place all shows are cancelled and everyone that booked directly with the theatre is issued a gift card to return within 2 years. If there is NO WARNING or EVACUATION ORDER - Shows go on as scheduled.
IS THIS THEATRE INDOORS? Yes, we get this question asked all the time. We are an indoor venue. Our theatre is kept at a comfortable 69 degrees year round.
IS DINNER SERVED? We do have a snack bar with limited snacks (popcorn/candy bars) and drinks are available. We do not provide dinner. Our focus is on our exceptional entertainment. Please seek dinner at one of our many Myrtle Beach restaurants prior to show arrival. Allow extra time as restaurants in the area are short staffed.
DO YOU SERVE ALCOHOL? No we do not serve hard liquor. However, if you purchase a souvenir cup for $5 it does come with a complimentary Beer, Wine, Soda Pop or Water.
WHY CAN'T YOU SEAT LATE ARRIVALS? When you enter the theatre you enter through the front doors. When you enter the showroom, you are entering between the stage and VIP section. We can NOT stop the show or disrupt our guests that have arrived on time for late arrivals. Be early and enjoy the incredible shows at GTS Theatre.
CAN I RECORD THE SHOW OR TAKE PHOTOS? Absolutely No Audio or Video Recording during the shows. Violators will immediately be escorted out of the show and no refund or gift card will be issued. Please make your guests aware of our policy as well. You CAN take a photo without the Flash. We do have cast photos for sale in the Snack Bar.
BE KIND TO OUR STAFF: We are all here to provide you a memorable night of exciting entertainment. Please be kind as most of our support staff are seniors and here at GTS we respect our elders.
ALL BAGS ARE SUBJECTED TO SEARCH PRIOR TO ENTERING OUR SHOWROOM: We do not allow any carry-ins such as Food, Drinks or Weapons. We are searching bags for your safety during your time at GTS.
LEAVING THE SHOW EARLY: If you must leave early please seek out one of our employees to help you with exiting the theatre. Please do not get up and just walk out as this disrupts the show and the audience. Please WAIT until the show is over to leave the theatre. We are a small cabaret venue and you will not have the traffic headaches as you do in the larger venues. Please be respectful.

The GTS Staff and Entertainers appreciate you and thank you for your cooperation

Health and Safety Policy

Currently there are no mandates in place, however we reserve the right If there is a surge in the virus in our area, you may be required to wear a mask. This policy can change from day to day depending on the virus. We appreciate your patience and kindness during these times as we are always looking out for our customers and our entertainers. We at GTS Theatre continue to wipe down and disinfect all area's for customers. We have upgraded our air filtration system to M.E.R.V. 13
Stay Healthy and Stay Safe!

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